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Estudar Medicina na Hungria

Começa a tua carreira numa universidade na Hungria

Os estudantes estrangeiros podem escolher entre quatro excelentes universidades para estudar medicina na Hungria em Inglês, com cursos de Medicina Geral, Medicina Dentária e Farmácia. Os cursos universitários em todas as universidades de medicina da Hungria são reconhecidos por toda a União Europeia.

Este país é muito rico culturalmente e é escolhido por muitos estudantes estrangeiros para estudar medicina, bem como para terem uma experiência de vida inesquecível numa cultura nova e emocionante.

Os estudantes estrangeiros podem escolher estudar medicina na Hungria em Inglês em uma das seguintes universidades:

  • Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Debrecen
  • Universidade Semmelweis
  • Universidade de Szeged
  • Universidade de Pécs
A Berlin Medical Academy oferece um reconhecido curso de pré-medicina, para preparar os estudantes para os seus estudar medicina na Hungria. 

The General Medicine course in English at the University of Debrecen lasts six years, while the Pharmacy course lasts five years. Admission requirements include general eligibility for university admission and entrance exams in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Debrecen is located close to the eastern border and Budapest. It has an international airport for easy access and a cosmopolitan and lively lifestyle.

For more information, visit the  university’s website .

By registering for our  pre-medical course , you can prepare for your entrance exams, opening doors for your medical studies at a university in Hungary of your choice.



Semmelweis University is the oldest university in Hungary and is located in the capital, Budapest. Today, this university is also one of the largest institutions of health professionals, assisting more than 2.3 million patients each year. With more than 10,000 students, 8,000 health professionals and 27 clinics, the university has a prominent place in the Hungarian health system, as well as in the international higher education sector. 

A course in General Medicine at Semmelweis lasts six years, while courses in Dentistry and Pharmacy last five years. Admission requirements consist of general qualification for admission to the university and admission tests in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. 

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is known as “Little Paris in Central Europe” and stretches along the beautiful Danube River. It has two sides, Buda and Pest, each bringing different characteristics to the city and its lifestyle.

For more information visit the  university’s website .

If you dream of taking your course in Budapest, our  pre-medicine course  can help you increase your chances, allowing you to take your medical career seriously.



Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary and is located in the south of the country. The University of Szeged is one of the leading universities in Hungary, with the Faculty of Medicine, named Albert Szent-Györgyi, in honor of the former rector and winner of a Nobel Prize.

The English medical course in Szeged started in 1985. There are currently approximately 1,000 students taking this course, the medical course lasts six years, while dentistry and pharmacy last five years.

The University of Szeged focuses on research, modern facilities, and was considered the best university in Hungary in 2016. International relations are extremely important for this university, with many connections to Erasmus and partner universities.

Graduates from the Faculty of Medicine at Szeged University can apply for hospital residency positions worldwide and participate in the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

For more information visit the  university’s website

We advise students who want to start studying medicine in Hungary to enroll in the  pre-medicine course at  the Berlin Medical Academy, to make sure they are fully prepared for the entrance exams and the course.



Founded in 1367, the University of Pécs is one of the oldest institutions with medical courses in Hungary, and offers students a wide range of study opportunities. The Faculty of Medicine was founded more than 100 years ago, and has courses in General Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy available. Medicine courses in English have been taught at this university since 1985, the Faculty of Medicine of Pécs is part of a large network of international research institutions. They were awarded the Best Practices Award in 2016, which values ​​the internationalization of higher education. 

Each year, more than 3,000 foreign students from 66 countries choose to study medicine in Pécs, Hungary. The traditional city of Pécs has Roman roots and is the fifth largest city in Hungary, located close to the border with Croatia in the southwest of the country.

For more information visit the  university’s website

We recommend that you enroll in our  pre-medical course to prepare you for your exams and studies in Hungary.



Sobre a Hungria

A Hungria está localizada na Europa Central, fazendo fronteira com a Polónia, Áustria, Roménia, Sérvia, Croácia, Eslovénia e Eslováquia.

Para estudantes, este país oferece diversidade, acessibilidade e excelente qualidade de vida. Conhecido pelas seus banhos termais e arquitetura incrível, a Hungria está a tornar-se, cada vez mais, um destino turístico popular. 

Desde 2004, o país é membro da União Europeia e é um dos países mais desenvolvidos economicamente na parte oriental da Europa Central para estudar medicina na Hungria.


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