Doctoral Education abroad – for those with no study place at home

Hardly a study subject is as fiercely contested as the medical studies. The ratio between applicants and available study places in all western European countries is unfavorable for applicants and most applicants are unable to pursue their dream of medical studies because of the existing limitations for of matriculation. Those who fail in the award procedure often have only the option to wait very long and several years for their desired study place or to choose an alternative career path. But many students are looking for alternatives abroad.

Doctoral education abroad – the better opportunity?

Doctoral education abroad are more and more appealing. One reason for this is that young people are given the opportunity to make early experiences with foreign cultures and to integrate into a foreign country. It will give them the opportunity to look beyond the box and expand their horizons.

The possibilities for doctoral education abroad are manifold.

In addition to the “classic” Hungary, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia are becoming more and more popular for medical studies abroad as these have lower costs of living and their universities have a very good reputation.

Poland offers ten faculties for a doctoral education, whose courses can be taken in English. One of the largest universities is the University of Warsaw, which is also the largest medical faculty in Poland. The course is in English and is offered as a six-year course for high school graduates or a four-year course (for students with previous experience). The degree is recognized worldwide and the city of Warsaw is also becoming increasingly popular.

Starting a medical career in the Czech Republic one can choose either the renowned medical faculties for doctoral education of Charles University in Prague, Hradec Králové or Pilsen or opt for smaller more student-centered faculties at Palacky University in Olomouc. Slovakia offers various Medical Universities which are aiming high and have state-of-the-art facilities and an outstanding students:teacher ratio, which makes a great learning environment.

As an EU citizen one should stay in an EU country to have better chances of returning home and practice as a doctor. EU countries acknowledge degrees from other EU members more easily due to a directive.

Matriculation Criteria for doctoral education abroad – Berlin Medical Academy supports applicants

The Medical Universities mentioned above give students great opportunities for doctoral education abroad without the need of highest marks in their secondary school leaving certificate.

Their entrance criteria is an entrance exam consisting of Biology, Chemistry and for some Physics. Passing these entrance exams with high marks gives students the opportunity to pursue their dream career and start their doctoral education straight away.

The courses at Berlin Medical Academy prepare young people for doctoral education abroad with a 24-week course or a 12-week course conveying student the necessary knowledge in all subjects of the test to pass it successfully. The preparatory course was designed in accordance with leading faculties for doctoral education to fit their needs and the needs of the students to start their first semester at medical university and to have a head start in their doctoral education abroad.