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Study Medicine in Poland

Degree Programs an Outstanding Reputation

Medical study in Poland ranks among the most sought-after and highest quality training opportunities throughout Europe. This is due to the high academic demands of Polish universities, and the excellent reputation of their alumni. 

An increasing number of international students are making the decision to study medicine in Poland in English. These programmes use American-style methods to teach medicine. After graduating from medical school in Poland, you can start working as a physician, or pursue further specialised training in every EU country and the US.

How can Berlin Medical Academy help?

If you’re keen to start your medical studies in Poland, we can help you to get there. 

Berlin Medical Academy can help secure you a place to study medicine in Poland, as well as supporting you as you settle in to life at university. As we are an education provider, rather than a recruitment agency, our main goal is to promote your academic success. We’re here to help you start your medical degree at the right university for you, to prepare you for your entrance exams, and to make the application process as straightforward as possible.

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International students can choose to study medicine in Poland in English at one of the following universities:

  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • The Medical University of Lublin in cooperation with the Wenzhou Medical University in China
  • Pomeranian Medical University
  • Medical University of Gdansk
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  • Medical University of Białystok
  • Jagiellonian University Medical College
  • Wroclaw Medical University
  • The University of Varmia and Masuria Medical School
  • Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University
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The University of Warsaw was established in 1809. For over 200 years, the school has produced highly trained doctors. Today it is the largest school of medicine in Poland, and one of the most prestigious, with the English language programme established in 1993. The faculty at MUW has a national and international reputation for being at the forefront of science and medical practice.

The University of Warsaw offers a number of programs in English, among them medicine and dentistry. Graduates are granted an MD degree and medical certification which is recognised throughout the European Union, North America and most other countries of the world.

Graduates of the school of dentistry are granted a Doctor of Dentistry (DMD) degree and certification that is similarly recognised internationally. The university is located in the capital city of Poland, a centre for political and economic culture with social significance. The city is increasingly highly ranked in the world as an attractive place to live.

For more information visit the university’s website.

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The University of Lublin medical school program, started in 1944, aims to educate students in the field of medicine and electro cardiology, using stationary and non-stationary studies.

In 1995, the Medical University of Lublin English program was introduced for English speaking students around the world. After completing the six-year MD program, for high school graduates with MVAT scores, students are given the title of physician. After completing the MD Advanced Program, available to those who have completed a pre-medical course, students are given the title of Doctor of Medicine.

One of the oldest areas in Poland, Lublin was established in the 6th century. Due to its proximity to the Ukraine and Belarus, Lublin is a multicultural society, and is dubbed The City of Inspiration. Lublin is an academic town with many students attending its five universities and is ranked among the top 10 student-friendly cities in Europe.

For more information visit the university’s website.

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The Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland, was established in 1948 and has trained over 8,000 doctors and 3,500 dentists.

The general medicine and dentistry programmes in English began in 1996. Today, some 500 foreign students are enrolled in the program, primarily from Germany, Sweden, Norway, American and Canada.

The university is considered one of the leading medical schools in Poland, and the English language program is very much in demand for both medicine and dentistry for international students. The method of study and exams is identical to that which is in use in the United States, and meets all of the criteria of the EU degree standards. The aim is to train students in a way that is optimal for dealing with the day-to-day demands of modern medicine, and preparing them for a medical career.

Szczecin is located on the banks of the Odra River, only 12km from the Polish-German border, and has developed from a small village to an important port city. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and a fantastic place for students to complete their university degree.

For more information visit the university’s website.

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The Medical University of Gdańsk, founded in 1945, is the largest medical university in Northern Poland. The English program was established in 2001. This Gdansk medical school is comprised of four faculties: Health Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology. Altogether, there are 21 programs in the field of healthcare and medicine.

Approximately 980 well-respected members of the scientific staff teach 5200 students, including 800 in the English division. International students who want to study medicine in Gdańsk can apply for the six-year MD program.

The curriculum is based on strict European and US educational standards. This ensures that graduates complete the diploma for the title of Medical Doctor and can apply for a license to practice medicine in any country.

Gdańsk is a modern haven for international students; 80,000 of the nearly half million residents are students, many of whom have come from the US, UK and Canada and enjoy an affordable cost of living.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

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Founded over 95 years ago, Poznań University of Medical Sciences is a highly-regarded medical school, both in Poland and internationally.

It is renowned as the most important educational, research, and clinical centres in Poland. In 1993, the Poznań University of Medical Sciences began its four-year MD program, which was followed two years later by the launch of the six-year MD program for students graduating from a secondary or high school. The Poznań medical school offers a number of degrees, with research and clinical activities performed at six clinical hospitals. Poznań University of Medical Sciences places a considerable focus on practical learning. 

With over 8,000 students and more than 1,000 faculty members, the Poznań University of Medical Sciences Poland attracts nearly 1,800 international students each year. Poznań is a thriving and vibrant city, known for its universities and energetic lifestyle. Home to outstanding architecture and natural beauty, Poznań is surrounded by expansive lakes and green country areas. Poznań is a lively city that caters to the almost 135,000 students that live there.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

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In 2004, the inaugural class of the Medical University of Bialystok’s six-year English language MD Program began. Since then, the study of medicine in Poland for international students has been taken to new heights. The Bialystok medical school comprises 85 professors, 88 doctors and about 500 academic teachers. Currently, there are about 300 students in the English program.

Affiliated with its own Teaching Hospital of the Medical University Bialystok and the Children’s Teaching Hospital, this Bialystok university continues to reinforce the advancement of research and technology as well as offer scholarships, training programs, internships and study visits to the best research and academic centers around the world. Białystok is a leading academic center in Europe and offers an artistic and cultural lifestyle for students. Bialystok continues to develop and transform itself into a modern metropolis and tourist destination.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

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The Jagiellonian University School of Medicine began its English curriculum in 1994. The prestigious Krakow medical university has grown over the years with nearly 700 students receiving a medical and dental education. As the oldest medical college in Poland, Jagiellonian University’s School of Medicine offers two highly regarded programs to study medicine in Krakow in English. The four-year medical program is for qualified graduates of pre-medical university programs holding a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The six-year program is for graduates of secondary schools.

The Jagiellonian University School of Medicine Krakow fully complies with American teaching standards. The first half of the curriculum focuses on basic science courses and includes learning the Polish language to ensure students are able to communicate with non-English speaking patients. Clinical courses and medical skills and theory comprise the second half.

The Jagiellonian University Krakow medical school is recognized for its outstanding teaching staff as well as foreign academics invited from the US, UK, Germany and other countries to also deliver lectures.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

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Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University (AFMKU) has developed rapidly into a renowned academic institution, despite being relatively new to the group of European English-language medical schools.

Established in 2000, this progressive Krakow school became the first non-public university in Poland to offer medical studies in 2015. It offers a modern, state-of-the-art campus with excellent teaching facilities, labs, and even its own art gallery.

The Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Medical University stresses an interdisciplinary study concept that combines the modules of the entire study program. Students learn Anatomy, Histology and Physiology while attending lectures on the cardiovascular system and respiration, the digestive tract, and the urogenital system. Clinical subjects such as Cardiology and Gastroenterology are also integrated. This teaches students to recognise complex connections between various medical disciplines.

With an old world charm and lovely scenery, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. The city offers a plethora of activities for young people, including nearby mountains and parks for hiking, and bars and cafés for nightlife.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

To secure your place at this excellent institution, take advantage of the head-start offered by our pre-med courses



Founded in 1811, The University of Wrocław established the first Faculty of Medicine in 1945. Since then, the Wroclaw medical school expanded to five faculties and ten departments. Finally, in 2001, the English division opened, in addition to numerous laboratories and a natural museum.

The Wroclaw Medical University has since become the largest university in the region. Today, the university focuses on scientific research, with many links to institutions in Poland and the world over. With over 26,000 students and 1,300 doctoral students, Wroclaw Medical University in Poland is noted for its world-class educational and research standards. Students enrolled in the Wroclaw Medical University English program study for six academic years of medical, preclinical and clinical studies, meeting the European standard for medical education.

Wroclaw, located on the banks of the Oder River, is the largest city in western Poland and the fourth largest in all of Poland. With a diverse culture, Wroclaw has a large student population of over 130,000, making it one of Poland’s most youthful cities.

For more information, visit the university’s website.

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Established in 1999, the University of Warmia and Masuria in Olsztyn was created by merging three existing institutions of higher education. As one of the youngest and largest medical schools in Poland, this Olsztyn medical school has the most modern facilities in Europe.

International students who gain certification from University of Warmia and Masuria medical school receive a superior education, using teaching methodologies in line with international standards and the latest practices.

The Olsztyn university now has 17 faculties offering more than 65 fields of study. The University of Warmia and Masuria Medical School also forms part of the Erasmus program. The School of Medicine at the University of Warmia and Masuria in Olsztyn has 24 departments, and a superb infrastructure designed for the future. Olsztyn is a culturally diverse city with a friendly atmosphere; fortress walls and a gorgeous Gothic castle protect its bustling Old Town.

The University of Warmia and Masuria also offers its own cultural activities for students, including the theatre’s choir group, scuba diving and photography.

For more information visit the university’s website.

We recommend that you enrol in our pre-med course before applying to a university in Poland, in order to fully prepare yourself for your exams and medical studies.



About Poland

Poland is located in Central Europe, bordered by several countries including Germany, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. 

Its sandy beaches and mountainous landscapes attract tourists with a variety of sports and activities. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is one of the most dynamic and developed cities in Eastern Europe. 

Other Polish cities, including Krakow, Breslau, Stettin, Gdansk and Poznan are attractive locations for international study. Education is extremely important to the Polish people with 90% of its citizens having completed at least one secondary, or middle school, requirement. English is more widely spoken here than in many other parts of Europe. This allows for an easier, more comfortable transition for international students.


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