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Study Medicine in Latvia

Secure a place at a Latvian university

Interested in studying medicine in Latvia? Latvia offers several excellent universities for English language medical students, and your degree in medicine at a Latvian university is recognised throughout the EU .

Get an easier start to your studes with our pre-med course. Berlin Medical Academy can help to prepare you to pass the entrance exam for medical universities in Latvia. Get started on your dream, and sign up for your medical training today!

In Riga, there are two medical universities that offer English medicine programs:

  • University of Latvia
  • Riga Stradins University

How can Berlin Medical Academy help?

If you’re ready to start your studying medicine in Latvia, we can help. 

Berlin Medical Academy are able to support you in securing a place to study medicine in Latvia, as well as making sure you have everything taken care of when settling into life at a medical university. As we are an education provider, rather than a recruitment agency, our main goal is to promote your academic success. We’re here to help you start your medical degree at the right university for you, to prepare you for your entrance exams, and to make the application process as straightforward as possible.

Find out how a pre-med course can help you to start your medical education.

Our university placement service is here to help you to get a place to study at one of Europe’s medical universities, as well as supporting you throughout the process of choosing to study in Riga.

Don’t just take our word for it – watch our testimonial videos to see what our students say about studying at Berlin Medical Academy, and how it helped them to get a university place. 

If you’re keen to study Medicine in Latvia, take a look at our upcoming pre-med courses and book your place, or contact our team today to find out more, and talk through any questions you may have.

While there are several universities in Latvia to study medicine in English, arguably the most popular one for international students is the University of Latvia in Riga. Students can enrol in their medical degree in Latvia, and receive a qualification which is recognised in all EU countries, and many western countries around the world.

Latvia’s oldest university with English language programs, Riga Stradins was founded in 1862, and today has 13 faculties and around 28,000 students. Every year, around 200 new medical students come to the university.

The courses at the university are based on modern technology and the latest scientific standards. Admission requirements for the medical program at the University of Latvia are general study skills, an English language test and good results in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

For more information about the university, visit the university’s website. 

We recommend that you enrol in our pre-med course to prepare your for the exams and medical studies at the University of Latvia. 

Riga Stradins University Medical School, founded in 1950, is one of the oldest and most respected faculties in the country, offering degrees in Medicine and Dentistry. Its excellent reputation and varied course offerings attract many prospective students from abroad to study medicine in Riga.

The university has a long history of taking in international students, and annually accepts students from several different countries. There are currently around 3,500 students at eight faculties.

The six-year medical program is particularly popular because of its small study group of up to 10 people, which gives you optimal learning conditions. The students have close contact with the lecturers, who specialise in their respective fields.

For more information visit the 
university’s website.

We recommend that you enrol in our pre-med course in order to prepare for the exams and medical studies at the University of Latvia.



About Latvia

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States, and is located in the northeastern part of Europe. 

Latvia has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Throughout its history, Latvia has been ruled by many different powers, including most recently, Russia, whose occupation lasted almost 50 years. 

Since its independence, Latvia has become a stable, democratic and parliamentary republic with rapid economic growth.


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