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Study Medicine in Europe

Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Europe.

Study Medicine in Europe

Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Europe.

Study Medicine Abroad:
A Medical Education for Students from Around the World

Many students have found that studying medicine in their own country has become increasingly difficult in recent years. 

Often there’s limited enrolment, which results in students having to wait a long time before they’re admitted. And then there’s the incredibly high tuition fees that can result in a huge amount of debt that students have to pay off after graduation.  

Studying medicine in English at a European university has, therefore, become an attractive alternative. Fees can be lower, and it can be much quicker to achieve enrolment. And aside from these reasons, there’s the cultural benefit of studying overseas. 

At the Berlin Medical Academy we help students to follow their dream of pursuing a career in medicine. Our pre-med courses are specifically designed to help students pass their entrance examinations, while we also open the door to a medicine degree at over 40 optional medical universities across 12 European countries. 

The advantages of studying medicine abroad

  • Classes that are taught in English
  • 46 leading medical universities in 12 different European countries 
  • Learn new languages
  • Learning from a new culture 
  • Opening doors to career opportunities across Europe and other countries
  • More modest cost of living compared to many home countries, in some cases

Globally Recognised Medical Study

As the reputation of these European medical schools has increased, so too has recognition across the EU and the rest of the world. It’s now possible for students to study at these schools and then try to pursue a career in the UK, EU or US, while the intercultural skills and broader view of medicine that they’ve obtained is also highly valued. 

The First Step – Choosing the Right University

Deciding which school is right for you depends on a variety of factors, from cultural to financial. While some have limited enrolment numbers or specific eligibility requirements. At the Berlin Medical Academy we’re on hand to advise you and discuss options with you. 

General Medicine

The Berlin Medical Academy’s pre-med course can open doors to studying general medicine in English at universities across 12 European countries. 

These universities offer a top class medical education that is recognised in the EU and the rest of the world. As such, studying at one of these schools is increasingly popular.   

Choose How To Study

Live Online
tuition fee from 3700€

Our ‘Live Online’ courses offer a unique sense of interaction by allowing you to interact with tutors and classmates similar to being in a regular classroom. We provide you with two large screen monitors, professional headset and webcam (complimentary/no charge) so that you can get underway immediately.

In Class
tuition fee from 3700€

Our great facilities located conveniently in the centre of Berlin allow you to take your courses in person alongside fellow classmates and also enjoy the vibrant city.

tuition fee from 2500€

For those that prefer to work more independently with flexibility to study and prepare at their own convenience, we offer a set of huge amount of learning material including 200+ hours of lessons, 2000+ homework questions and 20+ simulation exams.


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