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Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Czech Republic.


Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Czech Republic.

Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

Modern Education in the Old World

In the Czech Republic, there are several universities which offer medical degree courses in English. International students can enrol in degrees in Medicine and Dentistry as part of the Czech medical training program, and Veterinary Medicine is taught at Masaryk University.

Czech degrees in Medicine and Dentistry are recognised across the EU.

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Charles University is the largest medical college in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest universities in Europe. The Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové was founded in 1945. Medical degree courses in English are available at this Czech Republic medical school since 1992. This Hradec Králové university, which offers English-language study programs to international students, enjoys a good international reputation and is one of the most sought-after colleges in the Czech Republic.  

The degree programs in Medicine (six years) and Dentistry (five years) are taught in English.

With a history dating back to prehistoric times and its own archaeological discoveries, Hradec Králové offers a wealth of culture. The Great Square in the city center is a bustling meeting point for residents, students and tourists. During the summer and autumn, it hosts many open-air festivals. 

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

Masaryk University Brno offers a six-year degree course in general medicine for international students to study medicine in English. With faculties covering more than 1,400 fields of study and their combinations, this Brno medical university has developed numerous partnerships with research institutions and private companies and shares its cutting-edge research facilities with other partner institutions. 

Masaryk University courses in English are also part of the Erasmus program, attracting international students every year. Clinical teaching is carried out primarily at Brno’s two faculty hospitals: Faculty Hospital and Saint Anne’s Faculty Hospital. There are many medical research projects carried out every year at this Brno medical school.

Brno, the capital of Moravia, is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is a historical town and, with tens of thousands of students studying there, Brno provides a lively atmosphere that even rivals Prague.

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Palacký University is located Olomouc, and offers a six-year degree program in General Medicine and a five-year program in Dentistry. 

Palacký University of Olomouc is a progressive institution, emphasising an individual approach, and has become one of the fastest-growing schools of its kind.

Student life in Olomouc is important, as the town has the highest concentration of students to its population. It is a small but energetic town and has a busy street life with plenty of bars, cafes and pubs to keep you entertained.

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, originally part of the Charles University in Prague Medical Faculty, is now an independent faculty offering courses in both General Medicine and Dentistry. The Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen offers a six-year program in general medicine as well as a degree course in dentistry, which can be completed in 5 years. This Pilsen medical and dental university has educated almost 10,000 doctors. The Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the Pilsen medical center boast new and modern teaching facilities, including five theoretical Institutes and the new Biomedical Centre. The Pilsen medical school provides an emphasis on research and development across a broad subject area. City life in Pilsen is friendly, with its numerous cafes and bars. Restaurants are renowned for fantastic food, and the city center has a lively nightlife. The spectacular countryside will appeal to nature and sports lovers, and there are many beautiful local villages nearby. 

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Charles University Prague (CU) is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world, and offers three top-class faculties of medicine. Named after King Charles the Fourth and opened in 1348, Charles University ranks highly on several key international university rankings. 

A modern and dynamic university, Charles University offers diversity and a reputation that allows students from all over the world to gain a first-class education. The First Faculty of Medicine offers a full range of basic sciences and disciplines and several degree programs, including General Medicine, Dental Medicine, and other specialties such as Nursing.

Charles University’s Second Faculty of Medicine was initially established as the Faculty of Children’s Medicine, until 1990.

Charles University Prague’s Third Faculty of Medicine, formerly the Vinohrady healthcare campus, specializes in the fields of hygiene and preventive medicine.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is nicknamed ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’, due to the numerous baroque spires that pierce its beautiful skyline. In addition to its history and beauty, the city is a haven for international students who want to study medicine in Prague.

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

The University of Ostrava was founded in 1991, and is located in the northeastern region of the Czech Republic. This Ostrava medical school consists of six faculties. The current Faculty of Medicine opened in 2010, with 106 students initially admitted in the General Medicine program. In addition to General Medicine, the Faculty offers a Physiotherapy degree taught in English.

The University of Ostrava Faculty’s degree program is a six-year Master’s degree in General Medicine. The Faculty of Medicine conforms to the EU standards for higher education and training of health care and medical professionals. Graduates are fully accredited by the Czech Ministry of Health, with the necessary qualifications to practice professionally.

Located at the meeting point of four rivers, Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. With a population of just under 300,000, Ostrava allows students to enjoy a more intimate experience as it is a popular destination for students, with over 30,000 attending the University of Ostrava.

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