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Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Croatia.


Contact our university admissions team and find out how we can help you study medicine in Croatia.

Study Medicine in Croatia

Secure your place at a university in Croatia

Studying medicine in Croatia gives you the opportunity to experience the culture of this stunning Mediterranean country, whilst also studying medicine in English. A medical degree from a Croatian university is recognised across the EU.

Studying medicine in English in Croatia opens the door for a wide variety of career options, whether you’d like to stay on in Croatia, return home, or work in another English-speaking country.

Before you start your medical degree in Croatia, we can help you to get prepared. Our pre-med course covers all of the key science subjects, and teaches you the study techniques necessary to help prepare you to pass your entrance exams.

How can Berlin Medical Academy help?

If Croatia sounds like the perfect place to study medicine, we can help get you there.

Learn more about our pre-med course, and how it could help you to get into medical school.

Our university placement service is here to help you to secure a place to study at one of Croatia’s medical universities, as well as supporting you throughout the process of choosing to study in a vibrant and exciting Croatian city.

Don’t just take our word for it – watch our testimonial videos to see what our students say about taking a pre-med course with Berlin Medical Academy, and how it helped them to embark upon their medical education.

If you’re ready to study medicine in Croatia, book your place on one of our upcoming pre-med courses, or contact our team today to find out more and have all of your questions answered.

The University of Zagreb is the oldest and largest medical school in Croatia, founded in 1669 as the Jesuit Academy of the Royal Free City of Zagreb, with the University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) established in 1917. Full-time medical study in English began in 2005, and was the first English medical course in Croatia. 

The University of Zagreb School of Medicine welcomes students from the US, UK, Canada and other English speaking countries, and is noted for its excellent reputation and innovative teaching methods. The six-year program at University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine utilises methodological approaches; keen problem-solving and student-oriented teaching. Clinical rotations are performed in the final year of study in local health institutions and hospitals throughout Croatia. Students can also study the Croatian language, for those who wish to continue their medical career in Croatia.

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

The beautiful Adriatic Coast is the stunning setting for the University of Split School of Medicine. The Split medical school opened its doors in 1997, and offers four English teaching programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Medical Studies. The English program for international students to study medicine in Croatia was established in 2011, with 60 students admitted each year.

The Split School of Medicine focuses primarily on clinical and practical approaches to medicine. This allows students to offer personal medical care for patients, whilst also making the most of the latest medical technology.

The University of Split School of Medicine has a formal partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin in the USA, and the University of Ottawa in Canada. The University of Split medical school program in English is a six-year program. Graduates are eligible to begin their medical practice within the European Union as well as applying for medical licenses in other countries, such as the US and UK.

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

The University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine has a solid history of medical education and innovation for over 60 years. This respected faculty was opened in 1955, and quickly established itself as one of the best learning and reseach universities in Europe. 

The Foundation of Medical Studies program in English began in 2016. Studying medicine in Croatia at the Medical Faculty in Rijeka, students receive an excellent level of education with an academic community that focuses on international standards.

The University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine offers a 6-year program of medical study at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

For more information please contact our admissions team. We’re always glad to help you.

Choose how you would like to complete your PreMed course.

Live Online
tuition fee from 3700€

Our ‘Live Online’ courses offer a unique sense of interaction by allowing you to interact with tutors and classmates similar to being in a regular classroom. We provide you with two large screen monitors, professional headset and webcam (complimentary/no charge) so that you can get underway immediately.

In Class
tuition fee from 3700€

Our great facilities located conveniently in the centre of Berlin allow you to take your courses in person alongside fellow classmates and also enjoy the vibrant city.

tuition fee from 2500€

For those that prefer to work more independently with flexibility to study and prepare at their own convenience, we offer a set of huge amount of learning material including 200+ hours of lessons, 2000+ homework questions and 20+ simulation exams.
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