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Contact us for an Academic Consultation

Study Dentistry abroad: The alternative to long periods of waiting

The Berlin Medical Academy pre-med course is a very popular program in Germany and throughout Europe for those who want to study dentistry abroad. German and universities in many home countries, due to the large number of applications, reject many prospective students. In order to avoid possible rejection as well as long waiting periods for processing applications, students should consider applying to other universities abroad. It is not uncommon to wait for 4 – 5 years for a place in a dental program. With the Berlin Medical Academy pre-med course, it is possible to complete a degree program in Dentistry abroad much sooner.

Nowadays, numerous EU-countries, by offering study programs taught through English, have made it possible to study Dentistry abroad. One of the most popular EU-countries is Hungary. In Hungary, study programs in Dentistry are not only offered in both English and German. This is somewhat unique compared to other EU-countries. With regards to quality, universities abroad match the standards of education compared with German universities and those in many home countries. The tuition fees for a degree program in Dentistry abroad can vary greatly. For the updated tuition fee amount we recommend visiting the Official University Homepage.


Consider applying for an undergraduate program in Dentistry abroad, and receive a degree that is recognized in every EU country. Some university degrees are also recognized in the United States. The admission requirements for studying Dentistry abroad often depend on having a high school leaving diploma. Entrance exams, English tests and excellent grades in science subjects are also required.

The aim of our Pre-Med course is to better prepare applicants for the relevant tests and the degree program in Dentistry abroad.


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