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What our graduates say about us

The best way we can show you how Berlin Medical Academy can shape your future and help you to study medicine in Europe, is by telling the stories of our successful students. Read more below, and watch the videos, where a few of our graduates explain life at Berlin Medical Academy, and how it has helped them to secure a place to study medicine in Europe.

Alan from England

now studies Medicine in Riga ( Latvia )

“I wanted someone to physically be there supporting and letting me know which important topics or subjects that I should be focusing on so I could get to medical school. The pre-med courses are a bit challenging at times and that depends on you yourself and how you are going to cope with the stress of studying. You only have to come to class three times a week and each day you spend about five-six hours just focusing on one subject.”

Katharina from Germany

now studies Medicine in Hungary

“After my nursing degree I thought it would be a good idea to get the scientific knowledge you need to study medicine and to become a doctor. I did a lot of research in the internet and I found this course and another one and I have a friend who went to this course and got accepted in a lot of universities”


Juliet from Germany

now studies Medicine in Lithuania

“I decided for this medical course because I think it’s really structured, because it’s not too short of a time. We don’t have three months, we have six months. I want to study in English so English pre-med support is a good idea and not in German”

Polina from Germany

now studies Dentistry in Lithuania

“For this course we have the subjects of anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics and they all prepare you very well for the entrance exams. We have very good teachers and a lot of homework and we also have credit exams along the way which really helps you prepare for the finals, also the entrance exams for the universities. What I like about it is all the teachers are very enthusiastic—they want to help you”

Benedicte from Norway

now studies Medicine in Slovakia

“The reason I attended this pre-med course is that I wanted to study medicine and it is very difficult to get into medicine in Norway, so therefore I started looking into other possibilities and to be able to study medicine in English and while meeting other people from different countries. It seemed like a very good and tempting option for me”



22 yo from Sweden, now studies Dentistry in Poland

“I chose to study medicine abroad because of my low grades in Sweden. I did not have a chance to come in there and I do not think your grades should decide if you’re going to be a good doctor or not. And I also think that the qualities of the schools abroad are way better and I want to have as much knowledge as I possibly can.”


21 yo from Portugal, now studies Medicine in Slovakia “Not just for the entrance exams but they really prepare for…pretty much the first year of med school. And the teachers know what we want and they are really focused on the Academy…I’ve really been wanting to go to Italy but I’ve also been thinking about the…Czech Republic.”



23 yo from Norway, now studies Medicine in Poland

“There’s lots of competition for the seats in the universities in Oslo and in Norway in general so I felt it’s natural to go abroad and find a suitable place to study. And through the (Berlin) Medical Academy, it’s possible. I decided to start at the Berlin Medical Academy because I need to get the fundamentals of all the scientific subjects”

Hans Christian

22 yo from Norway, now studies Medicine in Czech Republic

“The reason I wanted to to the pre-med course is because I didn’t have every subject that is required for the entrance exams and so I wanted to prepare myself. I decided to do the pre-med course of Overseas Medical Education is because it has the best study program and it had good connections to the schools I wanted to go to.”


21 yo from Norway, now studies Medicine in Slovakia

“I chose to study medicine abroad I think it’s very interesting to meet new people and see new cultures and be able to live in another country. Berlin is a very nice place to live. It’s very multicultural, a lot of different people. There’s always places to go and things to see–festivals, museums. It’s a very nice city.”


from Germany, now studies Medicine in Czech Republic

“The pre-med course is very high level and the teachers come from the universities around that so the teachers are very good informed about the medicine study and there’s a good preparation for the medicine study after that”


21 yo from Norway, now studies Medicine in Slovakia

“What I like most about the course was that it’s, of course, in English and it was very interesting for me because I’ve not always been very interested in medicine or I’ve not always been sure about my decision. When I got here I really got the feeling this was the right choice for me because of the teachers and…meeting other friends and students that are interested in the same as me…That has been a very good and huge inspiration. “



from Norway, now studies Medicine in Slovakia

“The overall experience from the course has been amazing. I mean, the follow up from the office and the teachers…the course has been incredible for me. The teachers especially have been very good at giving me advice through the course, been advisable through the homework process as well as before the admissions text for the universities.”


from Sweden, now studies Medicine in Hungary

“My experience in studying pre-medicine was very nice. I was not expecting it to be very hard but how much the work was very long and the lessons were very long, but you have always professors who are ready to help you in case you need help, especially if you have never studied some of the subjects before. “



from Norway, now studies Medicine in Austria

“Being able to complete this course successfully means you’re able to work hard, you have this capacity and that’s definitely something you will need for six years of medical school because it won’t be easy. In a way it’s kind of like a test run. If you can make it through it and do it well then, okay I will be able to do that as well when I am at medical school.”

Nefertari from Brasil

now studies medicine in Poland

“It’s really necessary, this self study. You have to go home and you have to review all of this you have in class because it has a lot of information. We have class three times a week…it’s really necessary you go home and review all (that was) discussed to keep up…For me it was nice to get all these exams because I was getting to know how they do it, what type of questions and how to do it in English. “


Johanna from Denmark

now studies Medicine in Czech Republic

“We’ve had a lot of homework already. We’ve been going to the (pre-med) school for over a week now and we already have three tests to handle in with a hundred questions almost in each test. But it’s a very good way to test if you have understood what has been going on in classes because it moves forward very fast. So you have to be up speed all the time.”

Silan from Germany

now studies Dentistry in Poland

“I decided to study medicine abroad because it’s really hard to get a place in Germany. Additionally, I think it’s a big chance to expand your horizon and to learn from other culture and improve your English skills.”

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