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High Quality, Respected Courses

A combination of highly-qualified and experienced lecturers and small learning groups (no more than 20-30 students) results in our courses being of the very highest quality.

All of medical and academic lecturers have a wealth of experience and are ideally placed to prepare students for their medical degrees to come. And smaller class sizes means there is more time for individual student support, and students feeling supported and guided rather than simply taught.  


We’re right in the heart of bustling Berlin

Berlin has a global reputation as one of the most diverse, creative and culturally significant cities on earth. This makes it a fabulous place for international students to call home. 

The Berlin Medical Academy is located right by Checkpoint Charlie on Friedrichstrasse, which means you’ll be right in the heart of things. It’s a new building equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.  


World class lecturers

Our lecturers are experts in the field of medicine and as such are expertly placed to guide you through your pre-med course and beyond to a career in medicine. 

They teach at internationally-respected schools such as the Charité Medical University of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin, and the Humboldt University. They have years of experience preparing students to pass their medical school entrance exams and helping them find the perfect medical degree at any of 46 medical universities in 12 different European countries.


Smaller Class Sizes Means More Individual Attention

Our classes all have a maximum of 20 – 30 students, ensuring high levels of teaching quality and more personal attention from the lecturers to check that each individual student is on course to succeed. 


Intensive Preparation

We offer a variety of intensive courses to prepare you for your university degree. Our 24-week pre-med course is the most in-depth and detailed way for you to prepare to study medicine abroad.


Learn in English

We’re based in Berlin, but our pre-med courses are taught in English and open the door to studying medicine in English at 46 leading universities across 12 European countries. We do also offer the option of pre-med courses taught in the German language with a view to preparing students to pass their entrance exams for study in universities in both Germany and Austria.


HAM-Nat, MedAT, and TMS Preparation for German Language Students

If you do wish to continue your medical studies in German, the Berlin Medical Academy’s pre-med course prepares you for the HAM-Nat / MedAT exams for study in Germany and Austria. Intensive exam preparation includes weekly exercises, homework and examination procedures.


Money-back Guarantee

If you don’t pass the entrance exam to a European medical university and your entrance to medical school the following year is denied, we will reimburse 100% of the course fees or offer a free refresher course provided that you graduated from the 21 week or 24 week English pre-med course with a final score of 70% or higher.


Follow in the footsteps of over a thousand successful alumni

More than a thousand students have benefitted from our pre-med course and are now either studying at or have graduated from their medicine degrees at 46 medical faculties around Europe. Like them, you can increase your chances of success by more than 90% by taking one of our pre-med courses.


No need to wait

It’s quite common for students to have to wait for a while until they are able to secure a place at a medical school in their home country. Even students with excellent grades experience this. 

At the Berlin Medical Academy we fastrack the process of finding you a place at a medical school at 46 medical universities across Europe. So no more waiting around.  


Improve Your Language Skills

Another benefit of the Berlin Medical Academy teaching courses in English is that you also get to improve your language skills and essential professional vocabulary, preparing you for the language that you will be using during your degree.


Speed Up Your Application Process

Applying for a medical degree course at university can be an incredibly time consuming process. At the Berlin Medical Academy, we speed things up, making the formalities of applying for your university of choice incredibly simple.


We Open The Door to Studying at Medical Universities Across Europe

We have links to 46 internationally recognized medical universities across Europe and are more than happy to consult with you with a view to finding the perfect place for you to continue your medical studies abroad. 


Proof of success

When you have successfully completed the Berlin Medical Academy’s pre-med course, you will receive a certificate that is recognized by many European and international universities.


Diverse Classmates

Your classmates on the pre-med course will be from a variety of countries, including the US, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France, among others. This multicultural class dynamic offers a lot to our students. They learn new things and points of view from one another, and make lasting friendships.  


A Member of the Overseas Medical Education Network

Since 2007, The Berlin Medical Academy has been a proud member of the extensive international College Network’s Overseas Medical Education.


An Excellent Study Program

A lot of thought has gone into the structure of our pre-med course to ensure that the highly intensive study program prepares you fully for your medical school entrance exams and the first year of medical school study.

Our 21 / 24 weeks course includes over 400 hours of lectures in class, 1,000 hours of self-study time, more than 10,000 homework questions, about 44 simulation tests that mimic medical school university entrance exams, 12 oral presentations by each student, and over 20 hours of lab practice in the areas of biology, anatomy and chemistry.


Flexible Payment Options

At the Berlin Medical Academy we offer students convenient payment plans that allow them to pay their tuition fee in 3-5 installments. We also grant up to three scholarships each semester, based on students’ socio-economic status. 


Access Course Materials Online, Anytime

Students can access the Berlin Medical Academy pre-med course materials online – anywhere and anytime – both during and after course completion.


IMAT Test Preparation

For those students interested in studying medicine at Italian medical universities, the Berlin Medical Academy pre-med course teaches the necessary cognitive skills that are covered by the IMAT test.


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