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Study Medicine in Cyprus: Excellent Universities in an Island Setting

When choosing to study medicine in Cyprus in the Mediterranean capital of Nicosia, students can be assured that Cyprus medical schools have an excellent international reputation with the most modern equipment. High-quality programs to study medicine in Cyprus in English are offered at various universities. English medical studies in Cyprus offer an attractive alternative to medical study in students’ home countries and has become one of the fastest growing destination for international students. Although the cost of living is slightly higher than other European destinations, Cyprus’ quality of life more than makes up for it with its stunning location and beautiful weather.

The top universities for the medical studies in Cyprus include:

  • European University of Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia

Study Medicine in Cyprus at the European University of Cyprus

Founded in 1961, The European University Cyprus has six faculties of study, including the Faculty of Medicine. Its six-year medical program offered in English to international students means graduates are qualified to work throughout the EU as well as many countries around the world. By studying medicine in Cyprus at this modern university, students will receive a medical education that focuses on innovative teaching methods, a holistic view of administering treatment, and dynamic competency-based learning. Furthermore, students at the European University of Cyprus have the opportunity to participate in clinical internships from the first year of study. These internships help guide students to the importance of patient communication from the very start. The new campus of the European University Cyprus is located in the capital Nicosia and offers the perfect conditions for studying abroad as well as modern facilities with well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls, libraries and student residences.

For more information visit the university website.

Study Medicine in Cyprus at University of Nicosia Medical School

The largest university in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia medical school has been one of Europe’s leading medical schools for two decades. The University of Nicosia welcomes students from around the world to study medicine in Cyprus in English. There are more than 500 students attending this world-class respected medical university from about 60 countries around the globe. Students come from as far as the USA or Australia. With its excellent, experienced lecturers and impressive research facilities, the University of Nicosia offers students the opportunity to participate in international partnerships, and study medicine using the latest high-tech medical equipment. This Cyprus medical school curriculum is designed for students to gain clinical experience early on in their education. The University of Nicosia medical school focuses on collaborative learning, critical thinking and reflection – all skills vital to a successful career in medicine.

For more information visit the university’s website.

About Cyprus

Located in the eastern Mediterranean. the island of Cyprus is famous for its natural beauty and weather. The island, and the capital city of Nicosia, is divided, with the north being governed by Turkey and the south by Greece. In November 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was proclaimed, but is not recognized internationally. Despite this division, Cyprus is a wonderful destination for international students. Its nearly perfect climate, gorgeous beaches, and a plethora of activities means students who study medicine in Cyprus will enjoy a fascinating lifestyle. Ledra Street, which runs through the middle of Nicosia, is the hub of activity with its many boutiques, bars and cafés. Nicosia is home to about 235,000 residents so there’s plenty of options to suit every taste. While its official languages are Greek and Turkish, many of its friendly people speak English, making it easy for international students to quickly adapt to their new home.


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