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Study Medicine in Bulgaria: Universities at a Glance

In Bulgaria, there are several universities where medical courses in general medicine and dentistry are taught in English. All degree courses at Bulgarian medical schools are recognized throughout the European Union.

The most important universities are:

  • Plovdiv University
  • Sofia University
  • University of Pleven
  • Medical University – Varna

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Plovdiv University

Plovdiv University is the largest and most important university in Bulgaria with 4000 students attending each year. Initially established as a medical faculty of Plovdiv University in 1945, the university is now known as the Medical University of Plovdiv. This Plovdiv medical university offers training in English in Medicine and Dentistry, both six-year courses, plus a four-year course in healthcare management. Its 130 professors are recognized specialists in their fields. Since 1959, the university has produced the leading Bulgarian medical magazine, Folica Medica. Upon graduation students are awarded the degree of Master of Science and the professional qualification of physician.

For more information visit the university website.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Sofia University

Sofia Medical University brings over 100 years of medical teaching experience. This Sofia medical school’s English language medical course began 15 years ago, offering students an excellent center for furthering their education. The Medical University of Sofia offers four Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health. The Sofia medical university research-based education has 43 departments and a clinical center, offering a comprehensive educational spectrum of medicine and an interdisciplinary approach to the studies. The six-year study of medicine in Sofia is structured into two years of preclinical study, followed by three years of clinical study. The final year is devoted to the state clinical practice (internship).

The admission requirements at the Sofia University are: a general university entrance qualification, outstanding achievements in biology, chemistry and physics, or a completed Pre-Med course.

For more information visit the university’s website.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at The University of Pleven

The Medical University of Pleven began teaching in 1974 to expand the scope of Pleven’s City Hospital, founded in 1835. In 1997, the university began Bulgaria’s first English program. This Pleven medical university trains students to treat patients and conduct research, using a modern, research-based facility with its specialized departments and state of the art equipment. Students can also take a pre-course in the Bulgarian language. The Medical University of Pleven operates on the Bologna system, meaning its qualification of Masters in Medicine and the title Physician is globally recognized. Emphasis is placed on small group training and personal development. Pleven is located just two hours from the capital city of Sofia. It offers a modern amenities and a strong historical sense, as evident by its charming architecture.

For more information visit the university website.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Medical University – Varna

The prestigious Medical University Varna is recognized for its quality education that focuses on facilitating a professional development program for its students. The Varna medical university is a multinational school with links to over ninety European and global institutes and universities. Students from over 40 countries undertake their medical studies here. This Varna medical university prides itself on its modern and high tech approach to teaching. The University offers a 6-year course for Medicine and Dentistry in English. Student life is full of many diverse activities and events at the Medical University Varna, facilitated by the Student Council. Based in the center of the city the Medical University Varna is accessible either by foot or the excellent public transport system. The third largest city in Bulgaria, Varna sits alongside the Black Sea coastal resort area of Golden Sands.

For more information visit the university website.

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About Bulgaria

Romania, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and the Black Sea surround Bulgaria, situated in in the Balkans in Eastern Europe. This country became a democratic republic, after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991. The transition from a state-run economy to a free market economy caused a serious economic crisis, which also affected the country’s politics. In 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union, which has led to a positive and broad development of the country. The monthly costs of living for students in Bulgaria are approximately 600€.


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