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Study Medicine Abroad: A Medical Education for Students from Around the World

Many students have found that studying medicine in their own country has become increasingly difficult in recent years. 

Often there’s limited enrollment, which results in students having to wait a long time before they’re admitted. And then there’s the incredibly high tuition fees that can result in a huge amount of debt that students have to pay off after graduation.  

Studying medicine in English at a European university has, therefore, become an attractive alternative. Fees can be lower, and it can be much quicker to achieve enrollment. And aside from these reasons, there’s the cultural benefit of studying overseas. 

At the Berlin Medical Academy we help students to follow their dream of pursuing a career in medicine. Our pre-med courses are specifically designed to help students pass their entrance examinations, while we also open the door to a medicine degree at 46 medical universities across 12 European countries. 

The advantages of studying medicine abroad

  • No need to wait a semester or even years for enrollment
  • Classes that are taught in English
  • Medical university entrance exam scores are more valuable than final high school grades
  • 46 leading medical universities in 12 different European countries
  • Learn new languages
  • Learning from a new culture 
  • Opening doors to career opportunities across Europe and other countries
  • More modest cost of living compared to many home countries, in some cases
  • More affordable tuition fees

Globally Recognized Medical Study

As the reputation of these European medical schools has increased, so too has recognition across the EU and the US. It’s now possible for students to study at these schools and then pursue a career in the UK, EU or US, while the intercultural skills and broader view of medicine that they’ve obtained is also highly valued.

The First Step – Choosing the Right University

Clearly there are lots of options when it comes to picking the right university and course for you. At the Berlin Medical Academy, our pre-med course is designed specifically to prepare you to pass entrance exams at 46 medical universities across 12 European countries. The course also prepares you for the first year of medical school at these universities as the syllabus is similar. 

Deciding which school is right for you depends on a variety of factors, from cultural to financial. While some have limited enrollment numbers or specific eligibility requirements. At the Berlin Medical Academy we’re on hand to advise you and discuss options with you. 

Choosing Your Areas of Interest

When you study medicine abroad, there are three main specialisms: General Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry. Each of them are detailed below.

General Medicine

The Berlin Medical Academy’s pre-med course can open doors to studying general medicine in English at 46 universities across 12 European countries. 

These universities offer a top class medical education that is recognized in countries such as the UK, the US and Canada. As such, studying at one of these schools is increasingly popular. 

These universities offer cutting-edge methods, while fees tend to be lower together with cost of living. Then there’s the unique linguistic and cultural advantages that come with studying and living abroad.   


Studying dentistry has become extremely popular in recent years. However, dental study has one of the most restrictive admission requirements at schools in many students’ home countries. Even excellent grades are no guarantee of admission. Competition can be incredibly fierce.

This partly explains the rise in the number of students opting to study dentistry in English overseas. State-of-the-art facilities and quality teaching in schools in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia has led to these universities becoming recognised and valued in the EU, the US and Canada, among other countries. Associated professions such as dental nurses, technicians, and hygienists are also trained at these schools. 


Veterinary Medicine

Students of veterinary medicine are also realising the opportunities that exist beyond their own borders. The most popular countries for veterinary medicine studies include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.

The Berlin Medical Academy’s pre-med courses help students who want to pursue a career as a veterinarian as they prepare them for admission tests in biology, chemistry and physics.



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