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Greetings from our Dean

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Greetings from our Dean

Greetings from our Dean

Welcome to Berlin Medical Academy.

With our pre-medical course, we are proud to be a leader in preparing students for medical studies and entrance exams at medical colleges and universities throughout Europe and ensure that you can achieve your dreams.

We offer intensive courses to international students who wish to continue their medical education in human, veterinary and dental medicine. This prepares students for entry into medical programmes in English at 46 medical schools in 12 different European countries.

Our qualified staff of teachers expedites the learning process in intensive, small classes that provide students with the tools they need to pass medical school entrance examinations. These small classes allow for more intensive study that include interactive seminars, with exercises and test simulations to prepare you for the test day.

Individual care of our student is also important to us. We also employ accepted psychological practices to prepare you ideally for stressful testing and provide you with security, confidence and the mental preparation for this important day.

As one of Berlin’s experienced pre-med schools, we have an excellent history of systematic preparation for English entrance tests to European universities (e.g., Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Romania). Our 24-week preparatory semesters (starting in January and October each year) offer you the motivational instruction in anatomy and physiology, as well as the most degree-related scientific subjects. Our teaching material and curriculum during the first semesters are designed to facilitate your successful medical studies abroad.

As a father of a German medical student myself, who currently studies in Austria after passing the medical school entrance examination, I would like to advise you: Prepare intensively with the help of qualified teachers and a good combination of materials for the entrance examination.

Keep positive and stay strong. You are not alone. At the Berlin Medical Academy, you can master the most important basics, supported by motivating and nurturing instructors in small interactive learning groups. It is worth investing this time and energy.

As a professor of neurology in Germany and abroad, I have taught medical students for more than 16 years. Prior, I conducted research seminars at Charité and University of Innsbruck for student seminars, internships and lectures. Based on my extensive experience of nurturing medical students, it is my desire to motivate you to create the foundation for a fulfilled and fruitful study program with completion and repetition of the necessary basic knowledge at the Berlin Medical Academy. Be at the forefront of your future medical efforts.

Over 1000 of our alumni are already studying at many medical universities in Germany, Austria and Europe.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Berlin Medical Academy.



Ao-Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Wissel, FRCP

Dean of the Berlin Medical Academy
Professor of Neurology, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Potsdam; Brandenburg
Chief Physician of an Academic Teaching Hospital of the Charité in Berlin,
Department of Neurological Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, Spandau Hospital
Member of the Faculty of the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria
Fellow of the Royal College of Physician, London, UK

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