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The perfect preparation for a career in medicine

The primary goal of the Academy is to prepare our international students to successfully pass their medical university entrance examinations for European medical universities. Our pre-med courses also provide students with the knowledge they need to feel prepared for their first year of medical studies, as the syllabus is quite similar.

Why should you study with us?

  • Preparation to help pass specific medical school entrance examinations, such as the BMAT, IMAT, MCAT, SAT and more
  • Gain an advantage over other first-year medical students – our pre-med course syllabus is similar to that of first year courses for medical degrees
  • Our pre-med courses are taught in small study groups

An institution designed to open doors for students eager to study medicine


High admission criteria in many students’ home countries, combined with limited enrolment numbers, means that obtaining a medical education can often be difficult. The role of Berlin Medical Academy is to provide students with the best possible preparation for their medical university entrance examinations, and therefore increase the likelihood of them being accepted at over 40 possible medical schools across the EU that our courses open the door to.

The Academy has three semesters per year, with generally 20-30 students per semester, supported by a faculty of qualified teachers and administrators.

As a world-renowned cosmopolitan city and convenient hub for international students, Berlin was chosen to be the premier international site for the foreign medical education network.

We have links with medical universities throughout Europe, including Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Hungary.

We help students to meet the challenge of achieving a medical education

Our pre-med courses are taught in English and can help prepare you to pass the entrance exams and studying medicine in English at over 40 universities across 12 EU countries.

We do also offer the option of pre-med courses taught in the German language with a view to preparing students to pass their entrance exams for study in universities in both Germany and Austria.

The pre-med course program is ideal for students looking for a career in general medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine in Germany, Europe, and other countries around the world.

Finding the best location for students to continue their studies across our network of possible 46 medical universities in 12 different EU countries is another key component of our offer. We provide advice to our students to help find the perfect school for them to study medicine.

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