Adrian Langburne, 24 years old, from Norway

I really enjoyed this course over the 5 months interval we were here. I think the course is super, absolutely fantastic. The way the teacher perform, and how the homework and credit test are set up, is very good. With a lot of work, we can actually achieve anything we want in this course.
Teaching methods were very good, but sometimes it went to fast for some of us. The credit tests are very good, and it gives us a good understanding of what we could see in the future entrance exams.
In the classes I see that the teachers are really experienced and motivated, and that is very good for us as students.
I want to use this opportunity to say thanks for the amazing course. I wouldn’t have gotten into the university that I wanted without this course.


Noah Boghe, 19 years old, from Norway

The Pre-Med-Course was very hard and time consuming, since the requirements to complete the course successful are high. The lessons are long and challenging, and so is the homework you receive after every class. In addition, you will have tests and oral presentations every week. However, this gives you a very good understanding of the subjects and topics you will need to know to pass various admissions tests. Personally, I had next to no previous understanding of chemistry, physics and biology, and I still ended up passing the admission test and being accepted to one of the best medical universities in Poland. The course is not fun, but it got me where I wanted – which I am grateful for.


Katharina Plönissen, 20 years old, from Germany

My biggest wish was to study medicine, which I was not able to do so in Germany because of my low Abitur grades. By chance I came across on the Internet at OME and that was really my luck.The Institute is centrally located in Berlin at Alexanderplatz, the subjects are taught by very dedicated teachers and the learning groups are very small – in my group we were only six, which made for a very intensive learning. The contacts of OME to foreign universities allow easy application process and conducting the entrance examinations on site. I got into General Medicine at Charles University in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, which makes me so happy. In hindsight, but I’d opt for the 6-month course because the course material for the 3-month is almost too extensive. Therefore, I have spent a lot of time at the desk and could not really enjoy Berlin – but determined to make up for this!


Susanne W., 22 years old, from Germany

The pre-medical course in Berlin pays off in any case for all who seriously consider to get a place to study medicine. The level of the courses is challenging, and due to the regular test you are actually permanently ” forced ” to learn. Which indeed is a good thing! ultimately during the studies it will not be different.
Of course, it is also a super Opportunity for half a year in Berlin and to meet new people from different countries

The course prepares a really very good for the “entrance exams” of English study programs at Medical Universities in Europe. Finally, I even had the “agony of choice”, because after passing the entrance exams I could have enrolled in several universities.
So use the opportunity and just dare – you won’t regret it. “


Karima Cabello, 21 years old, from Norway

Throughout the course, you learn everything you need to pass the entrance exams to the medical universities in Europe, but you also learn important anatomy and physiology that will benefit you during your first year at medical school. The way the course is built up with oral presentations and credit exams almost every week, pushes you to work hard all the time – which again gives you a good structure and good routines for future studies. I can without doubt say that without this course, I would not have managed getting a place at a medical university.

And also, what better place to study than in Berlin?